Impact Conference 2017

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July 22, 2017
Starting at 8:00am


Reid Temple AME Church - Glenn Dale Campus
Church Wide Leadership Conference

Special Invitation by Pastor Washington


About the Impact Conference

The annual leadership and ministry training conference is designed to equip ministers, lay leaders and ministry workers to have a greater impact in the area of their calling. Anointed men and women of faith, both clergy and laity, who are gifted, experienced and trained in head and heart, will lead the sessions. Participants will get the opportunity to engage and interact with these experts and peers. Workshops will cover topics such as evangelism, empowerment, faith and finances, Millennials, social media, non-profit management and funding, volunteer recruitment, social justice and soul care.


Recap of Impact Conference 2016
Working Together In Unity

Last year's annual leadership and ministry training conference was designed to equip ministers, lay leaders and ministry workers to have a greater impact in the area of their calling. Anointed men and women of faith, both clergy and laity, who are gifted, experienced and trained in head and heart, will lead the sessions. Participants will get the opportunity to engage and interact with these experts and their peers. Workshops will cover topics such as evangelism, empowerment, faith and finances, Millennials, social media, non-profit management and funding, volunteer recruitment, social justice and soul care.

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Plenary Session 2016

The Speakers


Executive Minister, Reid Temple AME Church

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Teen Minister, Reid Temple AME Church

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Minister to Membership and Discipleship, Glenn Dale Campus, Reid Temple AME Church

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First Lady, Professor, School Superintendent, Author "When The Music Changes"

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Director of Philanthropy, Parkwood Entertainment, Author "The New One Percent"

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President and CEO of Industrial Bank

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Financial Educator, Entrepreneur, and Independent Financial Advisor

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Ministerial Staff, Glenn Dale Campus, Reid Temple

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President, Bowie State University

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Senior Pastor, Messiah Community Church, Author, "Cover Her"

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Executive Minister, Star of Bethlehem AME Church, Baltimore MD

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Pastor of Hemingway Memorial AME Church

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Conference Schedule

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8:00 AM


8:15 AM

Continental Breakfast for all registrants

8:45 AM

Praise & Worship

9:00 - 9:45 AM

Opening Plenary Session

Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
Conference Convener

The IMPACT conference will begin with a dynamic teaching session led by Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington, Senior Pastor of Reid Temple AME Church. Over the past thirty-four years, Pastor Washington has led Reid Temple to become one of the leading churches in all of African Methodism. Now, Reid is “One Church in Three Locations”. Rev. Washington has always emphasized the value of communication, cooperation and collaboration. Rev Washington’s presentation will be similar to a ‘TED Talk’ with extensive use of visuals.

9:45 - 11:15 AM

Workshop Sessions I

11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Lunch for all registrants

11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Bonus Session: Brown Bag with Rev. Matthew L. Watley

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Workshop Sessions II

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Closing Session



Presenter: Rev. Sheleta Fomby, Minister to Membership and Discipleship, Glenn Dale Campus, Reid Temple AME Church

The journey from membership to discipleship is focused on following Jesus and the path towards spiritual maturity. As a true disciple of Christ, one’s Christian walk becomes meaningful, purposeful, and profitable to the Kingdom of God. Jesus' last command in Matthew 28:20 still remains our first priority, making disciples not church goers. Paul teaches in Galatians 2:20 that disciples live a crucified life by faith. This session will discuss the membership to discipleship model that helps believers assess their personal relationship with Christ and guides them forward in a deeper covenant relationship with God and towards discipleship.

Presenter: Rev. Demetrius Price, Teen Minister, Glenn Dale, Reid Temple AME Church

Shortly after the great victory at Jericho, the children of Israel found themselves defeated by a much less formidable foe. So devastating was their loss that Joshua found himself overcome with despair, doubt and depression. This young leader that God had promised to raise and have great success was facing his greatest failure. But God full of compassion and abounding in mercy comes and awakens Joshua to a critical requirement of inquiry, evaluation and action necessary to overcome failure. Joshua 7:10 says that "...the LORD said to Joshua, "Rise up! Why is it that you have fallen on your face?” Times such as these are where our young men and young women now live full of unimaginable danger and trouble, requiring that we teach our new generation of warriors how to face adversity and failure. In this full day session, Rev. Demetrius Price will continue the work of developing Godly soldiers of the cross living in an ungodly world.


Presenter: Ivy McGregor, Director of Philanthropy, Parkwood Entertainment, Author - “The New One Percent"

The Bible says, "A person’s heart plans their way, but the Lord directs their steps." (Prov. 16:9 NKJV). “The New 1%” represents Ivy McGregor’s personal playbook to discovering one’s unique assets and putting these to the best use. It serves as a necessary reinvention of a longstanding organizing strategy: leverage the power and resources of the few to impact the many. This leveraging requires us to understand that who God made you to be can and should be the driving force behind your purpose. At times, your profession and passion will intersect. Sometimes we struggle to see how what we are doing professionally will ever have value in the church. For others, these areas co-exist independently in our lives. How do you find a balance? How do you distinguish between the three? Participants will learn what the Bible says about who you are in God, and how this truth helps you to live a purpose-driven life that honors Jesus Christ. Participants will walk away motivated and inspired to ignite social change with a willing heart and an informed mind. This session will focus primarily on Millennials and others navigating their way, in church and life, to empower people, build partnerships, and use resources for the greater good. 

Presenter: Pastor Roderick L. Hairston, Senior Pastor, Messiah Community Church, Author, "Cover Her"

One writer posits that most leaders when asked what is the greatest challenge they face in their organization, public or private, profit or non-profit, church or secular, often point to the failure of execution. Indeed another writer argues that even while carefully formulated strategies have been developed huge failures have occurred because of poor execution. So little instruction and practice has been devoted to the discipline required for successful implementation that this session has been specifically designed for anyone sensing a push or pull to do what God said. Pastor Rod Hairston will draw upon his experience in the huddle with the two time World Champions Baltimore Ravens, his founding work as Senior Pastor of the Messiah Church, 25 years of marriage and family to share the insights he has learned on the discipline of execution.


Presenter: Rev. Dr. Stanley Fuller, Senior Pastor, Star of Bethlehem AME, Baltimore MD

The strength of any championship teams relies on every player knowing, understanding and executing their role and responsibilities with excellence. The role of volunteers has always been critical to the success of churches. Finite resources and competing priorities limit the number of employees that most churches can hire to meet the needs of the ministry. A very well structured and well-managed volunteer program provides the needed resources to meet daily operating needs. Jesus made clear that the harvest is plentiful but many more were needed for the harvest. We believe that both the persons and the gifts and talents needed for the work fully exists and are available in our beloved community. However, several persons continue to struggle with where they should serve in ministry. Some believe they are called to be on the ministerial staff while others with gifts and talents are sitting down uncertain as to where they fit. Just as young Samuel kept hearing the voice of God, he needed guidance from Eli. Indeed, it is our responsibility to guide believers to what, where, and show them how to get involved in the work of ministry. This session’s focus is on hearing and answering the call to serve.

Presenter: Dr. Mickey Burnim, President Bowie State University

This session will be a deep dive into organizational and ministry leadership skills as they are deployed in the church. . According to John Maxwell, everyone communicates but not everyone connects. Tony Dungy said his mother taught him, “It’s important to understand where your success comes from, and it comes from the Lord.” The participants will examine proven strategies to help people see vision clearly, agree on strategies to accomplish the vision and the role of a leader in impacting people to achieve the vision.


Presenter: Elfreda W. Massie, PH. D., First Lady, Professor, School Superintendent, Author “When The Music Changes"

The bible records that we should count it all joy when we fall into various trials and temptations because there is great fruit that comes from these life altering events. All of us as leaders at some time face that dark, snowy night in the words of the African Proverbs “ when the music changes, so does the dance”. Dr. Elfreda Massie in her book of the same name, describes the lessons she learned when adversity came in like a flood and tried to wash away her home, marriage, profession and even her faith. It was through these experiences that she learned the healing power of God. Dr. Massie will share the answer she learned to the question, “Why do some people experience extraordinary hardship yet manage to stay positive and flourish while others stumble over the slightest bump in the road?

Presenter: Rev Janelle Johnson, Ministerial Staff, Glenn Dale Campus, Reid Temple, Author - "Is He Spiritual?"

This session will explore what it means to build and maintain healthy relationships based upon Biblical principles. Incorporating some of the insights from her book, Is He Spiritual?, the facilitator will guide the participants through an interactive conversation that will include a personal evaluation about preferred communication styles, insights into applying godly wisdom when relating to others, relying on the Holy Spirit for discernment, and trusting God to empower them with wisdom and grace to build and strengthen existing and new relationships. Participants will leave the workshop session with spiritual insights and actionable principles enabling them to answer the following four questions:

  • Why are healthy relationships necessary?
  • What are the characteristics of a healthy relationship?
  • Why do relationships become toxic and lead to failure?
  • How do we build and maintain healthy relationships?


Presenter: Lanta Evans-Motte, MBA, RFC®, RICP®, Financial Educator, Entrepreneur, and Independent Financial Advisor

This session will explore the meaning behind the passage, “All things come of thee and of thine own have we given thee”. In other words, “Whose money it is anyway?” A good steward understands that all things, including their resources, come from God. And while there should be no question as to ownership, unfortunately there is. In the By Faith Campaign, the question was asked, “What would you do if you knew God was ready to do something great through you?” This session will focus on personal stewardship and provide thoughtful insight and practical steps for budgeting, debt elimination and investing. Every leader has the responsibility to manage their own households well.

Presenter: B. Doyle Mitchell, Jr., President and CEO of Industrial Bank

A section of black social activism envisions a community of independent, self-actualizing and community conscious people of African descent. From the sermons and social empowerment of Richard Allen and Absalom Jones, the early activism of Marcus Garvey and Booker T. Washington’ through the work ethic of sharecroppers and the entrepreneurial drive of black businesspersons, the pursuit of this social agenda has continued. More recent efforts to increase support for small, minority, women and black owned businesses are celebrated as worthy causes. Efforts to support black businesses and develop greater community partnerships could serve as catalyst for rebuilding black communities and families. In this session, B. Doyle Mitchell, president and CEO of the nation's sixth largest banking institution outlines the opportunities, challenges and successes for black businesses, exempt organizations and black congregations to continue to be the engines of social change.

Bonus Session

Presenter: Rev. Matthew L. Watley, Executive Minister, Reid Temple AME Church

This year the Impact Conference introduces a new optional session for participants. In this "Brown Bag Lunch" event conference attendees will get an additional relevant, timely thirty minute presentation by the founder of Power Lunch, our Executive Minister Rev Matthew L. Watley. The topic for this gathering will be focused on the lifecycle of leadership. Rev Watley will share on the identification, development and deployment of leaders in the body of Christ in the church, para-church and other organizations where the believers serve our Lord. This exegetical look into the scriptures will serve to satisfy the appetites of those who are integral to leadership development and deployment. Following the spiritual meal, participants will each receive a "Brown Bag Lunch" and time of fellowship.

Special Session for Ministers

(Ministerial Staff Training)
Presenter: Samuel E. Hayward III, Senior Pastor, Hemingway AME Church

This full day session is designed for licensed and ordained clergy that serve on ministerial teams in support of Senior Pastors. Led by experienced clergy this session focuses on the call, conduct, character and competence of ministerial staff members. The objective is to help ministerial team understand the need to be mature and effective servants in the Kingdom of God and their local church. The facilitator will champion the importance and the opportunities of the ministerial staff. Session will emphasize the value of being well-prepared and lifelong learners.
Registration is free, but spaces will be limited. Pre-registration is highly encouraged.

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2017 Presentations

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